Refuse service …to rats

Four Pest Control Tips for Restaurants, Bars, Canteens and Food Trucks

It just takes one to ruin your business.  One cockroach, one rat and one ant will threaten sanitation, health, food safety and codes, and your restaurant’s reputation. So, refuse service to them with prevention and monitoring.


Since food standard codes require businesses to prevent pests from getting inside, monitor for them, and eradicate intruders. Otherwise you’ll face fines from health inspectors, or worse, they’ll temporarily close your restaurant.

Table for None

Restaurants remain susceptible to pests, even birds, year-round because they’re attracted to food, shelter and water. They’re especially attracted to rotting and spoiling foods, which a restaurant environment can unfortunately provide. Cockroaches, flies, rodents and other pests spread disease because they carry bacteria and viruses. Here are four pest control tips from the experts to help keep your kitchen safe and clean.

1. Check for Signs of Pests

Inspect all areas including the receiving area, storage units and garbage bins regularly. Also check around cooking appliances, sinks, food containers, and inside floor and wall cracks because pests like to hide in dark places during the day and come out at night. Cockroaches prefer to hide near and under refrigerators, ovens or any other appliance that radiates warmth, while rodents hide in sewage pipes, wall cavities and pantries with dried foods like rice, cereals, and grains.

Look for signs of:

  1. Dropping or smears
  2. Live or dead pests
  3. Evidence of breeding
  4. Evidence of harborage (nests)

2. Lock Everything Down

Set out traps for rodents and rats. Seal holes and cracks in the floors, in storage containers, and in the walls. Install fly screens to openings like windows and doors, and make sure you clean the screens regularly. Keep doors closed. Put weather strips on the bases of doors to stop pests from crawling in at night.

3. Keep it Clean

Keep the entire kitchen, from the cooking area to the storage area clean and sweep often to get rid of crumbs. Fix any broken/open containers. Mop up spills and messes quickly, including grease. Keep food covered in sealed containers. Also, seal and clean your garbage bins. Most importantly, take out the trash often, and clean the areas around the bins. Get rid of old equipment that you don’t use anymore (it’s a great hiding place for pests).

4. Keep it Clean

If you want to guarantee that no pests will get an RSVP, hire a professional pest control and inspection service like Sure Shot Tulsa. Not only will the experts guarantee a clean environment, hiring pest control will also show health inspectors that you’re taking all measures possible to prevent infestation and eradicate pests.

Professional pest control services like Sure Shot Tulsa will let you know the kind of pests you’re dealing with, which areas need to be treated, and talk to you about the chemicals used. If you choose to tackle the problem alone, make sure you’re using poisons and baits that are approved for use around food.