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Tulsa Pest Control Services

Protect Against Unwanted Pests

Unwanted pests such as spiders, ants, fleas, mosquitos and other insects, can cause serious health risks carry diseases that can harm your family or employees. Some of these pests, like termites, and rodents can severely damage your property, incurring substantial repair costs.

Browse our Pest Library to learn how to identify, prevent and treat against your unwanted pest.

Our Pest Control Process


Sure Shot's pest-control services include a thorough, on-site evaluation. We look for key areas of activity, trailing insects, entrance points, harborage spots, and property damage. These findings give us the insights we need to put together a custom treatment plan that will solve your pest problem quickly and effectively.


Our certified, pest-control technicians utilize only the most effective pest-control products, taking special care to ensure they won't adversely affect or disrupt your family, pets, business or employees. Your safety and comfort is our primary concern.


Once treatment is complete, we show you pest entrance and harborage spots so you can help reduce insect activity. Vigilant and consistent pest monitoring helps reduce the chance for a large infestation and saves you from further extermination costs.

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